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High school was all high drama and mess, what with the street races, chopstick affairs, stalkings, cookie fairies, badly fitted windows, babies, dates, and dumps. Graduation came and went, and the surreality of high school faded away as their diplomas were framed, tacked up, or put on the 'fridge. The "Big World Out There" set in, and with it came a kind of surety and wholeness that had made the high school days seem like a practice run at real life---or a particularaly f'ed up dream, depending on the person who was fondly reexamining their past.

With the Big World Out There came Big Problems, though these were tempered by even Bigger Highs. Long-term relationships, marriage, kids---what had seemed like crazy notions and mental jabs at "happily ever after" suddenly became a lot more like reality, and with that slew of goodness came responsibilty.

Jobs. Minimum wage. Dreams. Reality. It was a lot to handle, but they were finally rolling into the Good Times. All the angst and drama of the past was finally proving to be worth it.

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(2) Please try to stay in character! As fun and awesome as it is to make Shikamaru run around in a pink jumpsuit screaming that he had sex with Temari someone, you guys know that it really wouldn't happen.

(3) ACTIVITY is a MUST! Please do not apply, get accepted and then do nothing. It's discouraging to the other players that wish to roleplay with you. Try to post at least once or twice a week. If you do apply, join and then do nothing, the mods and the players get upset.

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The kids

Akimichi Chouji: Chouji is still fat, happy, and Buddha-like. After high school, Chouji moved to Iwagakure in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef. He asked his childhood friend and sweetheart, Yamanaka Ino, to move in with him, and, several years later, asked her to be his wife. Ino accepted, and the wedding’s date will soon be set. Chouji---almost literally---got dragged into working at The Curry of Life Restaurant, and is set to own the establishment upon its founder’s retirement.- gt_cho_phat

Deidara: Deidara took both his bachelor’s and master’s in art, though accomplishing the latter forced him to teach some classes to under graduates. These are not happy memories for him, and many of them are punctuated by the explosions of clay figures. He opened up a joint gallery with Sasori, and this---as well as his girlfriend, TenTen---makes him content with his current life. Despite their rocky start and hard times, their relationship is a fast one. Deidara is even debating asking TenTen The Question. - gt_artist_yeah

Hoshigaki Kisame: During the past five years Kisame followed Itachi like the loyal servant he is. He got a job acting as Itachi's body guard, and got himself out of Konoha and into the word by his best friend's side. He got paid to bust heads, scout new cities for possible drug contacts, and arrange hook ups for Itachi. However, due to seeing the effects that this lifestyle has had on Itachi, Kisame has become incredibly straight edge. Having no regrets about the life he has chosen to lead, Kisame lives for the day when he comes face to face with those who once wronged him. - gt_kisame_rocks

Hyuuga Hinata: Apparently, the frugality of politics didn’t bleed out of the Hyuuga family tree. After graduating, Hinata decided exactly what she wanted to do, and put her mind to achieving that. She borrowed money from her father, bought out the bakery she worked at---renaming it The Cookie Fairy Bakery in tribute to her old “job”---and has worked at making it a cheery, modern place. Hinata and Shino are still close, though they tentatively label their relationship as friendship until they are surer of themselves and their place in life. - gt_cookie_fairy

Nara Shikamaru: After placing out his senior year of high school and being offered a heafty full scholarship to Konoha University; Shikamaru moved out from under his parents and on his own. Finishing his degree earlier, he is currently going after his Master's degree and deciding over his future. He is torn between the prospect of being a professor over at the University or keeping his research job. Over five years time he has kept a steady relationship with Temari, with a few breaks in between. He shaped up in high school realizing he needed to hold onto the things that mattered, but learned to step back when needed. - gt_lazy_shadows

Masakazu Ebisu: Now a bartender in Konoha at Black Shades, a bar he opened a few years before quitting his teaching job. He is still pestered by the kids that he taught at the high school, and picked on for his more than obvious obsession with porn and pin-ups. After many break-ups and reunions with former girl Anko, they have finally made the relationship official within the five year gap. His nights are still spent with frozen t.v. dinners and the lovely ladies on his wall. However, this time he has a real one in his arms to fight away the diversion of being the second most perverted man in town. - gt_elite_perv

Sunano Gaara: Gaara bought his own apartment shortly after graduating high school, deciding to become independent at the age of 18. He took up a BA in Fine Arts, specializing in sand art, and graduated cum laude after his final project earned him recognition from the dean. The project was a large statue of a tanuki, which became a symbol of his college. He fell in love only once during his college years - unrequited because he never confessed. He sees love as a weapon that can hurt him. He only admits to loving his family. He currently owns a small store where he displays his art and works by commission. He also has a part time vocation: a literary critic. - gt_sandtanuki

Sunano Temari: In the middle of her studies, Temari packed up her family and moved them all to Konoha. Shortly before graduation, she and a few of her friends began to form the grassroots organization she'd always dreamed of. She spent half a year after college travelling and speaking for the Women's Liberation Front, which meant a break for her tenuous relationship with Shikamaru. She returned to Konoha, deciding that speaking around the world was maybe, in fact, not for her. Currently, she is still a speaker with the WLF, but more importantly she is the Assistant Director of the Konohagakure Women's Shelter. She takes care of her tight circle of friends like they are her own family, and makes sure they are all well-cared for. - gt_temichan

Tsuchi Kin: Kin took a music major at Konoha U, and though she'd like to hit the trail, she's sort of on probation for a supposed hit and run. So what. The kid's name was Timtim. In her mind, he was screaming for it. Since returning to Otogakure is out of the picture for a while, she works at Oto no Kuni, but hasn't been 'friendly' or 'of service' to anyone yet, in her four years of employment. Kin makes up for this by sleeping with the rather homely manager. Putting out is the most effective kind of customer service, she's found. Disillusioned with the world at large, Kin feels that she won't ever be loved, unless her special person comes in the form of sheet music.- gt_kin__won

Uchiha Sasuke: Sasuke proved both his aptitude for business and his mental capacity by getting not only his BA and Master’s in Business Management, but also starting work on his doctorate. Ever fascinated with brain-picking, he also took courses in philosophy and psychology, and lectures the subjects when not overly swamped with his work as CEO of Uchiha Corps. He is no longer with Naruto---hasn’t been since a monumental fight near the end of their time in high school---though the quiet and hollowness of his current life has brought up memories of the blond boy with frightening clarity. This may have affected his decision to move back to Konoha.- gt_emosasuke

Uzumaki Naruto: After barely scraping his way through high school and still stinging from the loss of Sasuke, Naruto spent three years reeling blindly through his life. He relied on drugs to ease his pain, and worked jobs until he literally fell into bed, too exhausted to think of the life---and people---he’d left behind. He managed to quit---being slapped around by friends helped---and takes classes in history, public speaking, and photography at Konoha University. He hasn’t been with anyone since his first lover left a Sasuke-shaped whole in his chest, and claims that he is too busy for love. - gt_foxynoodles

Yamanaka Ino: Soon to be Akimichi Ino, the former cheerleader looks forward to her life with her big, good-natured husband. She works at a chic fashion boutique during the day, and takes evening classes in interior design. Though she’s happy with Chouji, she is still very independent, and all but runs their household---save for the cooking and laundry; that’s his deal. Ino is deviously planning every nuance of her wedding, because she knows she will be the prettiest bride to ever wear white. - gt_inochan

Yue TenTen: TenTen got her bachelor’s degree from Konoha U, and now works at the hospital as a physical therapist. This takes advantage of both her knowledge of the human body, and her ready, able smile. She moved in with Deidara, her longtime boyfriend, and the two take care of their “darlings”: a cat named Duzell and a lizard named Helmut.- gt_sugarbunbuns

Yakushi Kabuto: Getting out of high school and going to college to major in chemistry was his dream, that's what his parents had pushed for and that's what he had pushed for. But after his parents died in a car crash only months after graduating, his life took a turn for the worst and he was introduced to drugs, alcohol and getting in trouble with the law. He was arrested once for a DUI, and then sent to counseling. This is where he is now, trying to fix his life and get back on track. - gt_shinyglasses

Sakon: Graduated from Konoha University. He currently works as a costume designer, inspired from his years as a cross-dressing drama student. On weekends, he works part-time at a Korean restaurant with Kimimaro. He Lives in the same apartment building as Kimimaro. - gt_ghostnote

Kaguya Kimimaro: Graduated from Konoha University with a BA in fine arts. He Specializes in sculpting, especially with bones. Some of his works include miniature replicas of famous landmarks and animals. Works part-time at a Korean restaurant on weekends with Sakon, also lives in the same building as Sakon. - gt_bonedancer

Rock Lee: Lee hadn't had a clear plan when it can to a career. His talents mainly rested with the martial arts, and at the time he hadn't known what those could be used for. After some consideration- and constant trips back to the drawing board- he had found something that fit. That is how he had settled upon opening a martial arts school- one with heavy focus on taijutsu. Dealing with hyper kids trying to beat each other up all day hadn't sounded so glamorous, but it worked out well. - gt_springlotus

Udon: He's currently a Junior in Highschool. He got branded a "nerd" in grade-school due to bad allergies and thick glasses, but pulled through relatively unscathed. He's been friends with Konohamaru and Moegi since they were kids and can usually be seen making out with hanging around them. He's currently jobless and has no problem with being seen as a lazy slacker (but does need to start saving up money eventually if he ever wants to afford a car). He's generally a good student with a maybe-goal of going to school for architecture. gt_nasal_design